Die Verwendung von "Stop"

Stop + Gerundium bedeutet, daß eine laufende Aktion beendet wird. Es gibt zeischen den zwei Verben keinen Kausalzusammenhang.

  • I stopped working for them last year.
  • I have stopped cycling to work.
  • Could you stop bringing your dog to the office?
  • He stopped eating meat in January.

Stop + Infinitiv bedeutet, eine Beschäftigung zu unterbrechen, um etwas anderes zu tun. Der Infinitive drückt den Sinn des stoppens aus.

  • I stopped to have lunch at 12:00.
  • It's difficult to concentrate on what you are doing if you have to stop to answer the phone every five minutes.
  • We stopped to look at the wildflowers.
  • I stopped to take a break, but I'll start again soon.